Studying in Poland

Do you wish to study and play soccer at the same time?

At the SportsMate360 Academy, it is not a problem. We have a collaboration agreement with universities from Warsaw. Currently, this is the best option for our players who want to start or continue their studies.

Even though we encourage our players to give their all to football it’s equally important to have other options alongside. So we want our players to focus not just on football but also complete their education in a school or University to give them various options for future. Our weekly schedule is tailored to education!


Language Course

Knowing the language of the country you stay in is very important. We want to give you the opportunity to learn Polish from scratch. Therefore we organized a certified language school, which will be giving language courses 3 times a week.

At the end of our program you will get a B1 certificate of the language course and and will hopefully have come closer to the Polish language and can study in polish language.

Physiotherapy qualification

Physiotherapy is a very important factor in recovery. You can help yourself recover faster and more efficient. Therefore we organized a certified school, which will be giving physiotherapy courses once a week. After the 10 month program you will have a state examination and receive a certification of Technican.

Business Administration qualification

With a Business Administration apprenticeship, you can work in Human Resources, finance, marketing, customer services, procurement, marketing or train as a business support officer, office manager or business development executive.  Therefore we organized a certified school, which will be giving Business Administration courses once a week. After the courses you will have a state examination and receive a certification.

Our Cooperations

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