Do you wish to study and play soccer at the same time?

At the SportsMate360 Academy, education is not a problem. We have a collaboration agreement with universities from Warsaw. Currently, this is the best option for our players who want to start or continue their studies.

Our Academy Provides An Option For Every Player To Continue Their Academics


TPT International School is an accredited online high school (FL) for grades 8-12. Known for its flexible learning approach, it’s a popular choice for student athletes. Their NCAA-approved curriculum ensures academic eligibility while accommodating demanding training schedules.

Education TPT International School
Education in Łazarski university

Łazarski University

One Of The Top 3 University In Poland. Players Can Pursue Bachelor’s Or Master Courses In Economics International Relations, Finance, Tourism And Travel Management

Polish Language Course

All Players Will Have The Opportunity To Take Up Polish Language Course At Our Partner Intitute (Optional)

Education In Klub Dialogu
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