Frequently Asked Questions

How Sportsmate360 Works ?

Sportsmate360 employs a distinctive approach in creating opportunities for players. Serving as both an agency and academy, it not only fosters player development but also directly provides chances for players across various clubs in Poland.

How many players has Sportsmate360 assisted?

Over 25 players have secured club contracts upon completing programs with Sportsmate360, while more than 60 players have received invitations for tryouts with professional clubs.

Who is Sportsmate360?

Sportsmate360 is a prominent agency and academy in Europe. They manage players in Bundesliga and Ekstraklasa and are involved in developing players to the level where they can sign professional contracts in Europe. Having successfully signed more than 25 players to various clubs in the last two seasons, they are now scouting for top talent in the USA.

How long has Sportsmate360 been in existence?

Although the founders have been active in football for nearly 5 years as agents, the Sportsmate360 academy was established in 2021 and swiftly emerged as the fastest-growing and most successful academy in Europe.

Why focus on Poland?

Currently, Poland stands out as the optimal starting point for foreign players launching their European careers. With 10 football divisions, the first 5 being professional, Poland offers a unique opportunity, allowing players to secure professional contracts even in the 5th division.

What characterizes the mentality of Polish clubs?

Polish clubs prioritize player development and transfers to other clubs, making it an ideal country for young players. Unlike countries such as Spain, Germany, the UK, and France, where financial resources enable them to acquire top young talents, Poland provides a platform for nurturing emerging players.

what is registration cost for Sportsmate360 Academy

Any Fees And Cost Info are delivered after completing our contact form by mail.