Winter Soccer Tryouts in Poland: A Golden Opportunity at Sportsmate360 Academy

by | Nov 20, 2023 | Polish Football Development | 0 comments

Winter Soccer Tryouts In Poland

As the winter season approaches, Sportsmate360 Academy proudly announces its exclusive Winter Soccer Tryouts in Poland. This event is a golden opportunity for aspiring soccer players to demonstrate their skills and passion for the game.

A Platform for Soccer Talent:

Held in the picturesque winter landscapes of Poland, these tryouts offer a unique platform for young soccer enthusiasts. Here, participants will have the chance to showcase their abilities under the watchful eyes of seasoned coaches and scouts from Sportsmate360 Academy.

Tryout Details:

  • Dates: The tryouts will take place from [December To March].
  • Venue: Główna 45, 08-400 Miętne.
  • Focus: Exclusively for soccer players.

Expectations from the Tryouts:

During the tryouts, athletes can expect a thorough assessment of their soccer skills, including technical abilities, tactical understanding, and physical fitness. Furthermore, these sessions will also emphasize the importance of teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship.

Registration Process:

To participate, aspiring soccer players should register online here. It’s crucial to fill out all necessary details and submit any required informations by 15 Dec.

Preparation Tips:

In preparation for the tryouts, we recommend candidates to:

  • Engage in regular soccer training to sharpen their skills.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle to ensure peak physical condition.
  • Additionally, focus on mental strength and resilience.

Why Join Sportsmate360 Academy?

Sportsmate360 Academy is not just about soccer; it’s about building character and fostering personal growth. Our holistic approach ensures that each player receives not only top-tier soccer training but also education in sportsmanship and teamwork.


In conclusion, the Winter Soccer Tryouts in Poland are an incredible opportunity for young soccer talents to step into the spotlight. We are excited to discover new talents and help them achieve their soccer dreams. For more information, visit Sportsmate360-academy.